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Thai Yoga Massage In Motion

October 6-8th 2023, London Stillpoint

This is an advanced course for qualified Thai Yoga Massage and Shiatsu Practitioners.

Sequential techniques will be taught in Supine, Prone and Side Position.


When we introduce gentle rhythmic movements, rocking and pulsing into a treatment, creativity and playfulness can flourish. This approach naturally develops precision, touch and positioning. 

A TYM treatment can be defined by how fluidly we transition between positions. In this way, transitional movements can become techniques in their own right. 

Practicing in this way requires that we move deeply into the breath. We will explore over the 3 days how to ‘listen and connect’ to our client’s own unique rhythm and vibration.


We will explore the movement fundamentals of Tai Chi and Qi Gong: 

  • how to make a deeper connection to our own energetic systems and move in a much more integrated way 

  • The more conscious we are of our own movement and structural integrity, the greater our capacity and sensitivity to touch.


This more dynamic approach to Thai Massage greatly increases:

• energetic and fluid circulation 

• joint and spinal mobility

• muscular and fascial release

• calming of the nervous system 


Rhythmical movement is especially effective for those clients who struggle to relax in a treatment. The feeling of security from being softly and gently ‘held’ within motion is deeply nurturing.

Most of the techniques covered in the course can be modified to treat any age and condition.


This style of Thai Massage originates back to Ajarn Chaiyuth Pryasith and was further developed by some of his students who also integrated Osteopathic treatment and technique.

Places are limited to 10 students to ensure full attention.

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