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David's Thai Yoga Massage is probably the most authentic Thai Yoga massage I have ever experienced in my life. That is quite amazing considering that I am Thai and grew up in Thailand! Unfortunately, massage has become more about money-making than about healing in Bangkok. David, on the other hand, is a true healer. While he does work on the whole body, he knows where the tensions are held and concentrates on releasing them. I always end up feeling way taller and definitely so much more relaxed after a session with David. Apart from being very good at what he does, he is also very professional. He is respectful, kind, and just a lovely, lovely person. I'd gladly and strongly recommend him to anyone.
Wendy Snongjati - Sun Power/ Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

Once in a while you come across some very special therapists and Dave is one of them. I’ve tried Thai yoga massage before but I believe that Dave is the best therapist I’ve received a treatment from, he’s intuitive, caring and compassionate in delivering each treatment. What I really like about the way Dave works is how he is so in-tune with you, he listens to your body and how it responds to the massage so the massage develops around what he feels and not just a structured sequence of techniques that he is following. Dave offers a holistic approach helping not only the body but the state of mind too, I feel so relaxed and calm after every session. I have a sense of wholeness after each treatment. I have found the treatments I have had with Dave have helped me immensely.
Sharon Price - Hatha Yoga Teacher Matlock

As a Yoga teacher and Mountain Biker I feel that it is really important to have a regular treatment with Dave just to undo any kinks that have been picked up during teaching or riding and also just to be able to completely switch off and allow the power of the massage to completely unravel everything. Dave is highly skilled and always picks up on where I need more work. He has the ability to make you feel completely at ease and relaxed and I always feel utterly re- energized after each session. I often advise my students to start having sessions with him to compliment their Yoga practice. Mountain bikers would greatly benefit from the hip and leg work. 
Polly Clark - Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher and Mountain Bike Leader Mid Wales

Working as a sports massage therapist myself it's very important that I get a thorough and professional treatment and Dave offers just that. He is extremely intuitive at reading problem areas and working through them and readily adapts our sessions to suit any particular issues I may have. As a result he's helped to ease long-standing aches and pains I've suffered with for years. Dave's knowledge is impressive and he is passionate about getting a good result for his clients - I would have no hesitation in recommending a treatment with him.
Liz Tomes - Sports Massage Therapist Matlock

Having obtained help on previous occasions from persons referring to themselves as osteopaths, I was initially apprehensive of seeking assistance from someone whose website simply referred to Thai Yoga Massage. I need not have worried. From the moment I entered his premises, I felt completely at ease. Dave is welcoming and the room where he carries out his work is light, bright and spacious, creating a restful atmosphere. He takes his time in locating the ‘muscular problems’ and settling on the best way to resolve them, and then gently and thoroughly works his magic. I have no hesitation in highly recommending him to others seeking help with muscular aches and pains. He has certainly managed to ease away the ones I had. I’m not sure whether what I had was either Yoga or Massage, but whatever it was it worked! Graham Reed - Matlock

I've had several treatments with Dave and each time the session has left me feeling much more supple with all my joints feeling freer and muscles looser. The first massage was probably the most dramatic as I had of course been overdoing things. I felt tired and was stiff and achey in most of my joints especially my shoulders. I am a sports massage therapist and tend to suffer from upper body tightness as well as painful legs and feet from standing up all day. Afterwards I felt completely fluid, my legs and shoulders felt as light as air and I quickly followed it with several more sessions. My shoulders are now pain free and I found Dave to be a very kind and totally trustworthy therapist. I would highly recommend him, he certainly knows his stuff as they say and everyone no matter how old or young would benefit from his treatment.
Kate Evans - Sports Massage Therapist Welshpool

I am a therapist myself so I understand the importance of a regular skilled massage for combating physical and emotional wear and tear to the body. Dave is wonderfully kind and has an amazing awareness for finding the trouble spots. He works with smoothness and rhythm through every muscle and joint, restoring flexibility and increasing the channels of energy that so often become blocked with the stresses of life. The results are wonderful – I feel supple, more energetic and emotionally stronger. I have no hesitation in recommending Dave! 
Kate Boscawen -Holistic Massage Therapist Westbury

Thai Yoga massage is a very holistic therapy aiming to restore balance in the body. As a Pilates teacher posture, breathing, flexibility and fluidity of movement are all vital elements not just for Pilates but also for everyday life. Thai Yoga massage with its amazing multitude of techniques and adjustments helps bring the body back to its natural balance enabling it to move more freely. I would have no hesitation in recommending a treatment from David as he is most thorough and professional.
Simon Burnett - Pilates Teacher Matlock

I have been having monthly massages with Dave for over 3 years now and I look forward to each one. Whatever tensions I've accumulated or stresses I've been putting my body through, 2 hours with Dave will leave me feeling relaxed and recharged, with my joints and muscles pleasantly stretched. He draws on an incredible range of techniques and a deep understanding of what will work best for the body at any time and 2 hours just flies by. I know I'm in safe hands and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his massage to anyone.
Kim Gravell - Llanidloes

My daughter & I treat ourselves to Dave every month now. Put your trust in Dave for 2 hours and every joint will be gently stretched and you’ll have the best work out possible. You’ll probably drop off to sleep whilst it’s going on & then end up totally relaxed & feeling a different person’
Janet Watson - Ashbourne

 I really look forward to my massage with Dave. I find it supports my activities in horse riding, walking, gardening and even means I am physically fit and mentally calm to continue my teaching career. Dave is able to tailor each massage session to the set of circumstances I describe to him. Thai massage from Dave has become an essential part of my fitness and wellbeing regime and I would not be without it.
Rachel Hills - Welshpool

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