1 Hour Massage

Gentle rocking movements, percussive tapping and acupressure points applied to the body help to release tensions and bring greater articulation and flexibility into the joints. This treatment will leave you feeling energised, relieved of stress and with a much greater sense of flexibility.


1 1/2 Hour Massage

A one and half hour treatment gives much more time to really move deeper into deep seated tensions and find much a greater degree of release within the body.


2 Hour Massage

A 2 hour session is really the minimum amount of time needed to do a full body massage and energy balancing. 
For anyone that has not received a a 2 hour Thai Yoga treatment, the idea of being massaged for this amount of time can sound like a long time. It really isn't. This time disappears very quickly, particularly if there any deep tensions held any where in the body.
It is usual at the end of a full treatment to feel a deep trance like relaxation with a great feeling of profound peace and calm within the body. The effects of the treatment can be felt for up to 5 days after the session.


The best way to take care of the future is to take care of the present moment

Thich Nhat Hanh