You are not a drop in the ocean

You are the entire ocean in a drop 


I first discovered the amazing effects and benefits of Thai Yoga massage back in 2001 studying practitioner and advanced qualifications with Kira Balaskas . I was doing a 5 year training at the time in Human Movement Studies and Spatial Dynamics and Thai Yoga immediately became an obvious parallel study for me. I was also at the time immersing myself in Yoga and Tai Chi, both of which encapsulate so many elements that exist within Thai Yoga Massage. 

I have been blessed over the years to have studied with such incredible teachers who have brought such inspiration to my life. To all of them, thank you beyond measure but especially, my humble gratitude and thanks to Ralf Marzen, Asokonanda, Pichet Boonthume, Kam Thye Chow and last and definitely not least, Kira Balaskas.I still continue to study and train extensively, primarily with pioneer and visionary David Lutt who is the co-founder of OsteoThai: the combination of Osteopathy and Thai Yoga Massage.

To both give and receive Thai Massage is a truly wonderful experience and is my own personal meditation practice.

Thai Massage often has a reputation of being quite extreme and painful and this can certainly be true when given with more traditional methods, particularly in an insensitive way. I prefer not to work in a way that creates too much discomfort and try to find the path of least resistance that encourages deep relaxation. For those able to receive a more intense treatment though, this can also be very beneficial and balancing.

Movement has been my main study for the last 20 years and Thai Massage is such an amazing platform to learn and apply the many ways in which we can move through space. I never cease to be amazed by what makes us human beings. Sharing of the Thai Yoga experience is a constant source of my inspiration.