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Dave Hoyle 

Bodywork informed by Thai Yoga Massage, Osteo-Thai and Osteopathy 

I offer a fusion of Thai Yoga Massage and Osteopathic therapy, utilising the healing benefits of the Eastern medicinal approach to health, alongside the Osteopathic approach of joint articulation and structural fascial integration.

I work in a very gentle and rhythmical way, preparing the tissues for a deep massage that is both relaxing and deeply healing. 

A massage session is always tailored to the client. Not everyone is flexible and some people may have very limited mobility or chronic condition. Everyone can benefit from Thai Yoga Massage/ OsteoThai, at any age and condition. Yes, it can be very dynamic, deep and intense if a client is able and wishes to receive in that way but that is not for everyone.


"Once in a while you come across some very special therapists and Dave is one of them..."  S.P.

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