Dave Hoyle 

Bodywork informed by Thai Yoga Massage, Osteo-Thai and Osteopathy 

I offer a fusion of Thai Yoga Massage and Osteopathic therapy, utilising the healing benefits of the Eastern medicinal approach to health, alongside joint articulation and the structural fascial integration approach of Osteopathy.

Thai Yoga Massage often has a reputation of being a brutal and extreme healing art, with an underlying message of "no pain, no gain". I work in a very gentle and rhythmical way, preparing the tissues for a deep massage that is both relaxing and deeply healing. 

A massage session is always tailored to the client. Not everyone is flexible and some people may have very limited mobility or chronic condition. Everyone can benefit from Thai Yoga Massage/ OsteoThai, at any age and condition. Yes, it can be very dynamic, deep and intense if a client is able and wishes to receive in that way but that is not for everyone.


"Once in a while you come across some very special therapists and Dave is one of them..."  S.P.